June 25, 2024

Roman & Drew added to tag team title unification match in WrestleMania Backlash| Smackdown result 29/04/2022

RK-Bro & Usos were present in ring to sign the contract, Adam Pearce took the responsibility to sign contract from the tag team. Adam told they all know what to do, he just need 4 signatures to make it official.

Usos told they don’t have anything to prove to Adam Pearce, they don’t have anything to prove tag team standing right there. Usos told everybody is the arena knows, everybody in the world knows, that they RK-Bro are the 2’s and Usos are the once. after wrestlemania backlash RK-Bro will acknowledge them.

Matt Riddle told he cannot apart the Usos, he told Randy has some sweet tattoos & he( Riddle ) has long hair & does not wear shoes. Than Randy Orton told that he can apart the Usos, He told Jey was the right hand man, & told Jimmy that he was just a little b!tch.

Jimmy pushed the table and started to attack the RK-Bro, RK-Bro started to fight back & keep than down, but out of the blue Roman Reigns came for the Usos rescue, RK-Bro were standing in the ring waiting for Roman Reigns to enter the ring, Usos from behind attacked them, Roman Reigns also started to attack the RK-Bro. Made Riddle eat the contract paper. Drew came for the RK-Bro rescue RK-Bro & Usos were fighting outside the ring, Only Roman & Drew in the ring, they look at each other started to hit punches to each other, Drew hit Roman a belly to belly which made him go out of the ring, Drew & RK-Bro were standing tall in the ring.

Drew Mcintyre vs Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn climbed to top of the cage, he was just a moment away from escaping from cage, Drew caught him, hit a superplex, & hits a claymore kick & wins the match.

Winner: Drew Mcintyre.

Naomi defeats Shayna Baszler

Naomi hits Shayna with a folding press and wins the match

Ronda Rousey defeats Shotzi.

It was a one sided match Ronda was in a hurry to finish the match in 1.41min.

Charlotte ran out of time

Charlotte was supposed to finish the match within 1.41min but failing to do so, Ronda Rousey won the match as she was not to win the match in 1.41min.

Ricochet (c) defeats Shanky 

Ricochet wins the match with the sunset flip, retains the title, But Shanky & Jinder angry with each, Shanky just walked out of the ring with angry face.

Sheamus defeats Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston hits a SOS but that was not enough to put Sheamus down, Sheamus hits Kofi with a Brogue kick & wins the match.


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