July 21, 2024

Video: Bobby Lashley suffers a nasty rope botch in WWE Live Newcastle

As we reported earlier, WWE is on a tour to UK, France & Germany. While tonight main event match was between Bobby Lashley & Drew Mcintyre in Newcastle.

Drew Mcintyre was ready to hit the claymore kick, suddenly the rope breaks, everybody were shocked to see that, scenes of Bobby Lashley falling was very nasty. Luckily Bobby was safe, there was no injury. Sami Zayn was in the ringside. Sami Zayn looked after Bobby Lashley and helped Bobby Lashley to get into the ring.

Many fans noted that Bobby Lashley does not suffer any injury. He returned back to the ring & got hit by the claymore kick & lost the match. Drew Mcintyre also hit a claymore kick to Sami Zayn.

Drew Mcinytre was also tweeted a photo quoting thanking NewCastle & says “we tore the house… and the ring down”.

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