June 9, 2024

Seth Rollins defeats Logan Paul | WWE WrestleMania 39 results

Logan Paul and Seth Rollins made their way to the ring, Seth Rollins at the start of the match goes to stomp Logan Paul but Logan escapes. Both were attacking each other brutally.

Logan Paul throws Seth outside the ring and told him that he has eliminated him twice now. Seth and Logan were slapping each other on chest. Seth Rollins stomps Logan Paul’s hand on staircase. Logan Paul knocks Seth Rollins out with the right hand and goes for the pin, Seth Rollins kicks out.

Seth Rollins goes for stomp but Logan was pulled down by the Prime Drink’s mascot, which was none other than KSI. Logan and KSI made Seth Rollins sleeps on announce table, KSI was recording him and Logan tried to hit splash from top rope to Seth Rollins. Surprisingly Seth Rollins pulls KSI into the announce table and escapes, Logan Paul hits splash on KSI.

Logan Paul hits GTS and a splash to Seth Rollins and goes for the pin but Seth kicks out. Seth Rollins hits a superkick and stomp to win the match.

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