April 16, 2024

Austin Theory defeats John Cena to retain US Title | WWE WrestleMania 39 results

John Cena and Austin Theory kicks off WrestleMania 39, Austin Theory was ready to do anything to win the match. Theory took John Cena to a corner and bites his ears, Cena was complaining it to referee at the same time Theory attacks him from behind.

Cena locks Theory with STF but Theory escapes by biting Cena’s hand, Theory took back the control of the match. Cena goes for AA but Theory converts it into a DDT. Cena again goes for the AA, Theory holds the rope and mistakenly Theory knocks out referee.

John Cena locks STF and Theory taps out, but referee was down. Theory hits a low blow to John Cena and a spinning cutter to retain the title

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