June 9, 2024

Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair | WWE SummerSlam 2022 results

Becky Lynch from start of the match attacked Bianca’s left arm. Becky used to rope to hurt her. Both were fighting outside the ring. Bianca tried to hit K.O.D but she reverse it.

Becky tried to lock her dis-arm her but Bianca pulled Becky outside of the ring and converts the dis-arm her into a K.O.D. But Becky was outside the ring, Bianca takes her inside the ring and pins her but Becky kicks out.

Becky Lynch hits a man handling slam and tries to pin her but she kicks out and both were on top of the rope. Becky tried to hit man handle slam from top of the rope but Bianca converts it into Spanish fly and hits K.O.D to win the match.

Bianca and Becky Lynch hugs it out after the match, Bianca was celebrating, shockingly Bayley made her return but she had some company. Shirai and Dakota Kai joined Bayley. The trio made their way to the ring. Bianca was standing alone but trio were locking at Bianca, surprisingly Becky Lynch came in for the support for Bianca. The trio and Becky and Bianca had a stare down and returns back.

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