March 2, 2024

John Cena and LA Knight defeated Solo and Jimmy | WWE Fastlane 2023

John Cena and LA Knight made their way to the ring, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy was accompanied by Paul Heyman. There was lots of LA Knights chants in this match.

John Cena and Jimmy starts the match, John Cena was in control of the match, Jimmy tags Solo. There was stare down between John Cena and Solo Sikoa.

Solo Sikoa was ambushing John Cena and then Jimmy gets tagged. Jimmy was trashing talking with LA Knight that helped John Cena recover and then John Cena hits AA to Jimmy and tries to tag LA Knight but fails. John Cena somehow tags LA Knight, after that there’s no stopping LA Knight.

LA Knight hits superplex from the top rope and then John Cena hits Five Knuckle shuffle. LA Knight finally hits BFT to win the match.

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