June 16, 2024

WWE reportedly “gave up” on Baron Corbin’s push with JBL

Baron Carbon and JBL had some good moments here and there, but it was not getting anywhere. JBL on last week’s episode of SmackDown cut ties with Baron. JBL said his Hall Of Fame legacy lost his credibility due Baron. PWInsider recently reported that JBL is not scheduled for regular appearance going forward.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting they gave up on Baron’s push because they felt it wasn’t working.

“They gave up on it. Obviously, this wasn’t the plan. The guy in charge, that’s Paul (Levesque), felt it wasn’t working and that was it. Where they go with Corbin, I don’t know. It felt very much like a burial for Corbin…He’s had so many gimmick changes. There’s nothing wrong or right with him but in the pantheon of stars, he’s just not at that top star level. I think they wanted him to be at that level and they gave him every chance to be at that level. He’s just a guy. A tall guy but he’s just a guy.”(H/T: RingSideNews)

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