May 22, 2024

Booker T believes Elias Is Multi-Talented

WWE recently merged with Endeavor to form $21 Billion sports and entertainment company. After the merger WWE did not cost cutting which resulted in many WWE talents got released. One of the most surprising release was Elias.

Booker T recently on his The Hall Of Fame podcast talked about Elias, he thinks Elias is very talented.

“I liked Elias. He’s a guy that I really thought had something unique, special, different than just about everybody on the roster,” Booker said. “He was multi-talented –- a guy who, of course, was a wrestler, but I loved the performance side of Elias as far as him being able to sing and play that guitar. I really thought that was his meal ticket. I thought that was his bread and butter that really could have taken him to superstar level.”

“I don’t know him from a personal standpoint or anything, but if he can still tap into his music, I think his career is definitely something that he can create and make of his own.” (H/T: WrestlingInc)

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