May 22, 2024

Becky Lynch on Tiffany Stratton: “The girl has so much natural talent.”

Becky Lynch is arguably one of the greatest women’s wrestler all time. She has won Women’s Championship, Royal Rumble, main evented at WrestleMania, but there was one thing that made Becky unhappy was not winning NXT Women’s Title during her time in NXT.

Tiffany Stratton made Becky Lynch’s wish come through by mistakenly calling her former NXT Women’s Champion, which paved way for a title match for Becky Lynch against Tiffany Stratton for NXT Women’s Title. Becky defeated Tiffany and wins the NXT Women’s Title.

Becky Lynch recently gave an interview to New York Post, where she talked about Tiffany Stratton, NXT Women’s Title and more.

Becky Lynch on winning NXT Women’s Title

“It’s very much wasn’t about checking boxes. It was one of those things where there was a little bit of proving to myself how far I’ve come along, writing those wrongs of the past, being very much seen as the fourth Horsewomen. Being in line for title shots in NXT out of circumstances, but not because I was actually the one, but because I happened to be there at the right time.

So being able to go back and win that and feel like I vindicated my younger self is very very nice. But really I think the main thing for me is elevating the NXT title, elevating the NXT brand and being able to work with the younger talent that will have the opportunity to go for a main event of WrestleMania, things that weren’t in place when I was in NXT.”

Becky Lynch on Tiffany Stratton

My level takes a long time to get to, my friend. It takes experience, it takes ups, it takes downs. But the girl has so much natural talent. I don’t know nothing about having natural talent. If she wants to apply, if she wants to put her all into this and become a student of the game, she can be great. She can go on and do wonderful things in this business. I think getting to work with me she’s seeing that. She’s seeing how much she doesn’t know and that’s a good thing. 

Because when you look like her and you’re athletic like her and you come in with a character and you’re easy to package to the moon — ‘Here ya go, here’s everything handed on a silver platter. This is gonna be easy.’ Then you realize that this is actually quite complicated and there are gonna be people like me who come along and love this and want to put you in your place and you’re gonna have to rise to the occasion. So we are gonna see how much she rises to the occasion. She has everything in her toolbox to do that. If she wants to do it, the world is her oyster.”

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