June 9, 2024

Brock Lesnar trolls Cody Rhodes after defeating him at Night Of Champions

Brock Lesnar faced Cody Rhodes at Night Of Champions, Cody Rhodes fought the match with one arm as his left was injured. Brock Lesnar locks Cody with Kimura lock, Cody was unable to escape the lock, Cody was unconscious, so referee stops the match and declares Brock as the winner.

Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar previously fought at WWE Backlash, where Cody won the match, Brock Lesnar was not happy with the finish, so he started attacking Cody Rhodes on following episodes of RAW, which paved wave for his match at Night Of Champions.

Now Cody Rhodes and Brock have defeated each other once. It is rumoured that Brock and Cody might fight again. Brock Lesnar after the match wishes Cody to have good flight home.

“Have a good flight home, Cody.”

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