April 19, 2024

Bryan Danielson leg gets trapped between ring & ramp during AEW Rampage taping

AEW was taping the Fridays episode of Rampage, on Wednesday night. There was a brawl angle between Danielson & Moxley with the Jericho’s appreciation society.

During the brawl somehow Bryan’s leg gets caught between the ring & ramp. He was stuck for 10 minutes & was limping and falling over. It took lot of people to get him out.

Still there is no confirmation whether it was accident or a work, fans were pretty shocked a fan quotes “Scary moment at the taping of #AEWRampage as Bryan Danielson’s leg got stuck between the ring and the ramp and was trapped for over 10 minutes after the show ended #AEW“.

Bryan Danielson seemed alright after the incident. Bryan Danielson had suffered injuries in WWE, which put him away from wrestling for lot of time, we hope he does not get caught in injury moving forward.

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