July 20, 2024

Chris Jericho talks about Vince’s commentary

On this week’s episode of Talk is Jericho. Chris talked about WWF album, Mean Gene Okerlund and Vince McMahon commentary.

Chris Jericho on Captain Lou song and Vince’s commentary

“I will say the best part of the Captain Lou song, is once again we haven’t really discussed it much but it’s the on running commentary in-between songs, that’s kind of it provides the rap around it. Vince and Jesse and Mean Gene. Like I said man, you can say what you want about Vince and I worked for the man for 20 years. I love this side of Vince, like love, love, love. like inspires me every freakin day, we did that ‘Dinner Debonair’, that is a direct descendant from the Slammys and the Piledriver record. I don’t give a sh!t, if people liked it or not. To me that’s part of wrestling.”

“‘The Bubbly bunch’ that we did during the pandemic all that stuffs it’s a part of Wrestling that will always be in my head and I don’t care It’s a part of it. Vince it’s so great like ‘coming up next Captain Lou, let’s see what he has to say’ and Mean Gene like ‘I can’t believe Captain Lou, he is gonna be great’ and Jesse like ‘what’s he gonna do, strum the rubber band stuck in his face’.”

“I know but this so great like did they come up with this on the spot did Vince write them a script, of course there is no script, three of them got together. they probably had couple of beers and hears the song, I bet you, if I was in better term with Vince right now, I would have text him today or called him to ask him his thoughts on this because I bet you those guys were having so much fun doing this and Mean Gene was the best and all three of those guys were just the best guys.”

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