April 22, 2024

Drew & Sheamus vs Usos MITB qualifier | WWE Smackdown results 6/24

Earlier on Smackdown, Adam Pierce told that he made a hasty decision by including both of them in MITB, he said WWE has overruled his decision, so neither of them qualify for MITB. Adam says if they both want to qualify for MITB, they need to work as tag team and defeat Usos.

Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs Usos was the main event of Smackdown. Jimmy Uso and Drew started the match, Jimmy took Drew to the corner and started punching him. Drew hits a clothesline and tagged Sheamus. Sheamus hits 10 beats to bodhran to Jey and mocks Drew by preparing himself to hit a Claymore kick to Jey Uso. Jey escapes the Claymore and rolls out of the ring. Butch tried to attack Jey, Drew stops him and throws him through the barricade, which led to a confrontation between Sheamus and Drew, both started attacking each other’s.

Sami Zayn tried to help Usos by attacking Drew McIntyre but Street Profits attacked Sami Zayn, Usos and Street Profits were seeing face to face. Drew flies over the top rope. Jimmy hits a superkick to Drew’s face and Drew returns it with a Claymore kick and wins the match. Both Drew McIntyre and Sheamus qualified for MITB.

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