April 22, 2024

Cody Rhodes confronts Roman Reigns | WWE SmackDown 3/3

Roman Reigns was accompanied by Paul Heyman, Jimmy & Solo. Cody Rhodes wanted to confront Roman Reigns alone. Roman Reigns tells Heyman to leave.

Cody Rhodes tells Roman Reigns might be impossible for everyone but not for him, Roman Reigns asks Cody does he wants to talk about the titles. Roman asks Cody does he ever wrestled for title, does he ever main evented in WrestleMania.

Roman Reigns says he misses Dusty Rhodes, Roman says if there’s anything Dusty Rhodes hasn’t taught him, he will. Cody Rhodes says if Roman Reigns is the son Dusty wanted, it will become necessity for him to win. Cody says defeating Roman Reigns is the only way he can exist. Roman and Cody Rhodes both shakes hand.

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