June 25, 2024

Damian Priest wins the Money In The Bank ladder match 7/1

All the participants of Money In The Bank ladder match made their way into ring, LA Knight received massive pops from fans. Logan Paul was the last wrestler to enter the ring, but it was not a good idea, fellow wrestlers surrounded him and attacks him.

Damian Priest tries to attack Logan but Logan tells lets team and put Butch through the table. Damian was not a fan of team, so he attacks Logan Paul. LA Knight tries to climb the ladder, but Logan stop and attacks everybody with Ladder.

Logan Paul had his hand on the title Butch stops him, Logan hits knock out punch to Butch and Ricochet. Logan Paul and Ricochet were on top of the ladder, LA Knight pushes the table, Logan and Ricochet were hanging on rope and Ricochet goes through the table with Logan Paul.

LA Knight had his hands on briefcase but Damian Priest hits superplex from top of the ladder. LA Knight goes down and Damian Priest climbs up the ladder unlocks the briefcase.

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