May 23, 2024

Drew McIntyre reflects on losing WWE World Title at WWE WrestleMania 40

Drew McIntyre wrestled Seth Rollins for WWE World Heavyweight Title at WWE WrestleMania 40, it was a brutal match, but eventually Drew won the match and become the new WWE World Champion.

Drew McIntyre made fun of CM Punk, who was in commentary. CM Punk attacked Drew McIntyre from behind which resulted in Damian Priest successfully cashing his MITB contract on Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre shared a video on X/Twitter, where he talked why he didn’t walk out after winning the title at WrestleMania 40. Drew feel might have carried away a bit.

“This is everything I worked for, for 20 years. This was my moment, I earned it, I’m sorry I wanted to soak in every single second of it at WrestleMania, make the world title moment last an eternity. Oh to celebrate with my wife, or my fans who have been through much.”

“I saw Punk. I might have gotten carried away a bit, but I told him I’d rub it in his stupid face and I’m a man of a word. I was within striking distance on purpose and he didn’t raise one finger until I was distracted and assaulted me like the coward he is.” (H/T: SEScoops)

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