May 23, 2024

Drew McIntyre reportedly “Good chance he’s finishing up” with WWE

Drew McIntyre is one of the top name in WWE, has a massive fan base. Drew McIntyre last seen at WrestleMania 39, ever then he hasn’t appeared in RAW or SmackDown. It is rumoured that Drew McIntyre is taking some time off from WWE or dealing with some from minor injury.

Last month PWInsider reported that Drew McIntyre’s WWE contract is expiring this year, ever since that report, fans started speculating about Drew’s status in WWE. Dave Meltzer previously reported that WWE and Drew McIntyre are apart from signing a new deal.

Dave Meltzer on latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Drew McIntyre might be finishing up with WWE after doing a big program as title challenger.

“Because McIntyre right now is working with the idea there’s a good chance he’s finishing up, he could do a big program for the title as a challenger and finally leave.”

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