April 19, 2024

Ezekiel says he misses his brother Elias

Elias disappeared from WWE, from last couple of months without any reason. Nobody know what happened to Elias.

Out of the blue, Elias younger brother Ezekiel shows up in Raw & interrupts Kevin Owens promo, He introduces himself as Ezekiel, Kevin Owens was in shock & tell him he is Elias, Ezekiel called himself as ” I’m Ezekiel younger brother of Elias”.

Kevin Owens also does a lie detector test on Ezekiel to prove that he was Elias, but that test failed miserably, ended up as a match between Ezekiel & Chad Gable.

On the latest Pat McAfee podcast, Ezekiel was in the podcast. Pat asks Ezekiel does he know where Elias is, Ezekiel says, he did not seen him for months, no matter how much trouble he causes, he say he misses him & he is a good brother.

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