May 22, 2024

Steel Cage match announced for next week | WWE Smackdown 22/04/2022 Results

This week Smackdown starts with contract sign between Ronda Rousey & Charlotte Flair. Charlotte signs the contract & tells Ronda that she defeated her. Crowded chanted “you tapped out”. Ronda tells her, there won’t be any referee to stop the match. You will quit.

On the backstage RK-Bro & Drew Mcintyre ended their old rivalry, they both ended up on the good side. Now their common enemy or rival is Bloodline family. It has potential to be a good storyline in the near future. Bloodline family vs RK-Bro & Drew Mcintrye.

Jey Uso vs Matt Riddle.

On previous Raw, Randy Orton defeated Jimmy Uso, to make even or to get revenge Jey needed to win the match, they both really put on a really good show. Randy Orton was motivating Matt from outside, stopped interference from Jimmy Uso. Jey tried to hit him with a splash but Riddle gets his knee up, converts into pin. Roman Reigns was shown, after Riddle’s victory, Roman seemed very angry.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Few moments before the main event match, Zayn met with Roman Reigns & acknowledged him. He asked bloodline family help to defeat Drew, Zayn told Roman, RK-Bro & Drew were talking trash about Bloodline family, it made angry & Roman told Usos to get Roman Reigns & Bloodline family name out of their mouth.

Drew Mcintyre vs Sami Zayn (Lumberjack Match)

All the lumberjacks were present, RK-Bro, New days & more, but surprise was The Usos were also present. Drew from beginning started to attack Zayn, but Zayn tried to escape from ring but the Lumberjacks did not let him escape, Drew tries to hit Zayn with Claymore but Zayn retreats to the floor, RK-Bro rolls Zayn back to the ring, But the Usos hit RK-Bro with a kick to their face, Other lumberjacks started attacking each other, Zayn escaped again, Adam Pierce comes out & tells Sami Zayn, he can’t escape the next time because it would be a steel cage match. Drew was looking at Sami Zayn but Jinder from behind attacked he started to fight back & hit Jinder with a Claymore.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Xavier Woods vs. Butch

Xavier holds Butch on his shoulders, Xavier hits Butch with DDT & rolls him back & pinned him. After the match, Butch exits the rings, over the barricade through fans. He was very angry,

Winner: Xavier Woods


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