June 25, 2024

Gerald Brisco reflects Vince meeting Brock Lesnar for the first time

WWE Hall Of Famer Gerald Brisco gave an interview to Sportskeeda Wrestling, where he talked about Brock Lesnar selection to WWE and Vince and Brock Lesnar first meet.

When he was asked about his role in Brock Lesnar discovery

“Sure enough, a week after Brock won the national title, but night he won the national title, my phone rang off the hook, Brisco do you see this guy, he’s a senior now. Brisco you seen it. I mean Vince called JR called everybody Bruce called everybody called, you know, wanted to know, what I’ve done and I wasn’t even a talent scout at the time. I was just a guy that produced a guy. He(Brock) knew his coaches and so uh, but they were relying on me to recruit this guy and like I said, I wasn’t an official talent scout at the time so. I was just a jack of all trades so, I waited couple of days and he won the title on Saturday night on Sunday, there are both Vince and Jr both call me, ‘have you contacted guy yet’, no I haven’t you know after this guys went to national tournament or after the national tournament. It’s like any other season…”

“Brock just disappeared, he went out to some farm that week finished up and I had probably 20 phone calls from everybody ever hire up in WWE, so the following Monday, I’m sitting at Brisco brothers body shop, world famous Brisco brothers body shop. My phone ring and it’s coach J Robinson, University of Minnesota, Brisco he said I told you, I’d call you. He said he got Brock Lesnar and there in my office and he said he got another surprise for you and you got to take them both they’re package deal. I said who’s the other guy, he said his workout partner Sheldon Benjamin, well I knew Sheldon from seeing him on tv a little bit too, so they’re both sitting in the coaches office. So not only did coach keep his word about Brock but he brought bonus in for my patience.”

“About a month later, in Minneapolis, WWE was coming there with a pay-per view Vince is gonna be there and all the staffs gonna be there and I set up with meeting with Jey(Brock’s coach), bring him down to the target centre for the pay-per view,,, Everybody getting question when they get there. As soon I go to the back, I go to the production house, they said Brisco, you have three guest, when I looked over there. it is coach Jey, Sheldon and Brock… He(Vince) looks at the kid, he walked in,, shakes Brocks hand and ‘I’m Vince McMahon, you know he turns to Brock, Brock had the greatest answer I have ever heard one of this kid say for kid just coming out of college and Vince said” Young man congratulation on winning National Championship are you ready for showbiz”. Brock Lesnar looked in the eye and said I have been ready all my life for showbiz.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Sportskeeda Wrestling an h/t to WrestlingManiaFan.in for the transcription

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