May 22, 2024

(Report) Sasha Banks and Naomi removed from WWE internal roster

Couple of weeks ago Naomi and Sasha Banks walked out of Raw, which was a shocker in wrestling community. Later WWE released a statement that said they claimed they were not respected enough as a tag team. WWE suspended both indefinitely for their behaviour.

PWInsider first broke the news on Naomi and Sasha Banks walkout of Raw. PWinsider released a new update on Sasha Naomi walkout. PWInsider notes that they can confirm Sasha Bank and Naomi are removed from WWE internal roaster over last 24 hours. They also mentions that they are hearing Sasha and Naomi maybe thinking of signing other promotions but there is no confirmation and also PWInsider cannot confirm it as well.

Sasha Banks and Naomi are yet to release any statement regarding this walkout. Whole Pro-wrestling community are waiting to hear their end of story.

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