July 19, 2024

Iyo Sky wins WWE Women’s Champions | WWE SummerSlam 2023 results

Asuka was taking care of two wrestlers. Asuka was in control of the match. Charlotte Flair fights back and hits splash from top rope. All three women were mercilessly attacking each other.

Charlotte Flair spears Bianca Belair but Asuka locks in her submission on Charlotte Flair, Bianca breaks the submissions. Charlotte hits moonsault on Biana and Asuka. Bianca landed awkwardly to the outside of the ring. Bianca was helped by medical facilities, Bianca was returning backstage.

Charlotte locks figure 8 lock on Asuka, so Bianca returned to the ring to break the submission. Bianca Belair rolls Asuka for a quick pin and wins the title. Iyo Sky came running into the ring and cashes in her MITB contract. Iyo hits moonsault on Bianca Belair to win the title.

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