June 15, 2024

Seth Rollins retains WWE World Heavyweight Title | WWE SummerSlam 2023 results

Finn Balor made his way into the ring, Seth Rollins is known for surprising fans with his ring gear, Seth Rollins made his entrance with the same ring gear that he wore when he wrestled Finn Balor seven year ago.

Finn starts attacking Seth Rollins ever before the bell rang. Finn was in control of the match. Seth Rollins fights back and hits a brutal clothesline and goes for the pin but Finn kicks out. Seth Rollins hits falcon arrow and dives on Finn Balor multiple times.

Finn Balor pushes Seth Rollins through the ring post. Finn Balor powerbombs him through the barricade, exactly like Seth did to him seven years ago. Seth Rollins fights back and hits buckle bomb twice and hits frog splash from top rope.

Seth Rollins hits pedigree and goes for the pin but Finn kicks out. Damian came to the ringside and hits a brutal punch to Seth and Finn followed it by a pedigree and goes for the pin but Seth kicks out. All Judgement Day members were in the ringside. Seth went on to attack the Judgement Day members.

When Seth Rollins returned to the ring, Finn attacks him and hits him with coup de grace but Seth kicks outs. Finn tried to attack Seth in MITB briefcase but Seth stomps Finn through the briefcase and retains the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

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