June 25, 2024

John Cena: The Wrong Uso Quits | WWE SmackDown 9/1

John Cena made his way to the ring. John Cena thanked fan for what they have given to him. John Cena says he will be the host for tomorrow night’s WWE Payback. John Cena says he will try to give back to fans, he also says that will start from tonight.

Jimmy Uso interrupts John Cena. Jimmy asks why John Cena is on SmackDown today. Jimmy says John Cena and Roman Reigns are very alike, he feels John Cena does everything with a smile face.

John Cena stops him, John Cena says he’s was waiting for three years to tell something to Jiimy Uso. John says the Wrong Uso Quit. It made Jimmy furious, so he tried to get superkick to John Cena but Jimmy coverts it into a AA.

It seems like John Cena could be working with Bloodline. John Cena will be appearing on SmackDown for next two months, he’s also appearing on WWE Superstar Spectacle in India.

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