May 22, 2024

Report: CM Punk lunged at Tony Khan yelling “I Quit” after the backstage brawl with Jack Perry

CM Punk was one of the most decorated wrestler in pro wrestling before he joined AEW. It’s already been two years for CM Punk in AEW. Fans expected his AEW run will be one to remember for the good reasons but it turned out differently.

CM Punk and Jack Perry reportedly had a backstage brawl at AEW All In. When Tony Khan asked about the incident, Tony Khan said he can’t comment on that, he said currently there’s investigation going on. There’s also rumour that CM Punk and Jack Perry are suspended due the backstage brawl.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Newsletter reporting that according to his source CM Punk went nose-to-nose with Jack Perry when returned to the back after finishing the match. Source also notes that CM Punk asked Perry does he have problem with him, Perry replied to Punk that he was trying to get heat as a heel.

Meltzer source reported that CM Punk shoved Perry, and hits sucker punch to Perry and tried to choke him, people who were present there separated both of them. Source also notes after both were separated Punk lunged in the direction of Tony Khan yelling “I Quit” but many people got in his way, monitors were knocked down during the incident.

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