June 25, 2024

LA Knight on The Miz: “He is jealous of me”, he wanted the level of success that I’ve come across.

The Miz is one of the top star in WWE, he has achieved almost everything in WWE. The Miz has won championships, MITB, and main evented WrestleMania. Even though there are lots of criticism about The Miz but not many heel could make babyface look good like he does. Fans hate Miz so much that irrespective of whoever the opponent is, they cheer the opponent.

LA Knight recently gave an interview to Claibs Online, where he talked about The Miz impersonating him. LA Knight feels The Miz is jealous of him.

“Well, I mean if you look at what Michael Cole said on SmackDown a couple weeks ago, he said The Miz is jealous, which is a double down on what you just said and I’d have to agree. I think I showed up on Raw a couple nights after winning the Slim Jim Battle Royale, had to go in and do a couple photo shoots and stuff like that, and here he is getting upset about it.

I don’t know, this past Monday, he dressed up like me and that makes sense doesn’t it? He is jealous of me, and you know why? Because he’s always wanted to be me. I’m not saying he knew who LA Knight was years ago, what I mean is that he wanted the level of success that I’ve come across. He wanted the adulation that I’ve come across, he’s wanted the reactions that I’ve gotten, people chanting his name, quoting him. Instead, the best reaction he’s ever got in his entire career was walking out as me a couple nights ago on Raw.” (H/T: EWrestlingNews.com)

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