May 22, 2024

Judgement Day destroys Edge | WWE Raw results 9/12

Rey Mysterio tried hard to stop the match between Dominic and Edge from happening, but he failed to do so. Dominic and Edge faced each other. Dominic from the beginning started attacking Edge’s injured leg.

Dominic gave a pretty tough fight for Edge with Rhea Ripley helping him from the outside. Dominic does Eddie Guerrero’s triple suplex and frog splash. Fans were booing on Dominic for doing Eddie’s move. Edge fights back and ties Dominic on to the rope, slaps and hits few punches to Dominic. Edge was ready to deliver a spear to Dominic but Rey comes between and begs Edge to not attack Dominic.

Edge pushes Rey Mysterio to the corner of the ring. Judgement Day members covers the ring. Priest throws Rey Mysterio to the commentaries table. All the Judgement Day members enter the ring and attacks Edge. They gave Dominic a chair to attack to Edge’s injured leg. Dominic mercilessly attacked Edge. Priest sets up chair on Edge and Fin Balor delivers Coup De Grace on injured leg.

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