June 8, 2024

Kurt Angle believes he would have been the greatest wrestler of all time, if hadn’t left WWE in 2006

Kurt Angle has had a great career in WWE, he has been an inspiration for many young wrestlers. Kurt Angle not only wrestled in WWE, he also wrestled in many major promotions, he had pretty good success in other promotions as well.

Kurt Angle recently on The Kurt Angle show podcast, talked about his WWE career, Kurt Angle feels he would have been the greatest wrestler of all time, he hadn’t left WWE.

“This is a really, really difficult question because I don’t regret going to TNA. I absolutely love TNA. I’d love my 11 years there. You know, I probably would have stayed if the money didn’t run out, but I knew it was my time to go back to WWE and I wanted to finish my career where I started. But when I go back, the one thing I would love to change is I wish I didn’t get injured so much because that’s what caused my painkiller problem and then my painkiller problem caused me to leave the WWE because I felt like if I wasn’t gonna leave, I was gonna end up doing something pretty bad, which was overdose on painkillers. So I thought it was right for me to leave, but if I wouldn’t have left the WWE and I would have wrestled there 20 straight years, I really believe to this day I’d be the greatest of all time.” (H/T: RingSideNews)

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