May 22, 2024

Matt Hardy says Chris Jericho is the Hulk Hogan of AEW

Chris Jericho is one of the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in the ring. He has wrestled all over the world and has tonnes and tonnes of wrestling knowledge. He is wrestling for over 20 years.

Chris Jericho is currently signed with AEW. Chris Jericho is part of AEW since Jan 2019, it was still in its early stage. Jericho played huge role in the success of AEW. Chris Jericho believed there was potential in AEW

Matt Hardy recently on his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast talked about Chris Jericho. Matt Hardy believes Chris Jericho is the Hulk Hogan of AEW.

“He was the Hulk Hogan of AEW. You know, whenever WCW made their run, and Hulk Hogan was this big name, and then eventually turned him heel. I mean, he kind of was the guy that was like, you know, behind the helm of the ship.

I mean, he was the guy with all the star power. And he really like took them to another level, especially when it came to the nWo thing. But I think when you look at AEW, I think the closest parallel you can really compare anything to is he is like the Hulk Hogan of WCW. He was the driving force there in the beginning.” (H/T: TJR Wrestling)

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