April 22, 2024

Report: Brock Lesnar could face UFC legend in WWE ring

Brock Lesnar, the man who conquered both UFC and WWE. It’s very rare to see pro-wrestlers succeed in UFC, but Brock Lesnar is an exception, he won championship in both UFC and also in WWE.

Ariel Helwani reported on twitter that UFC legend Daniel Cormier would be referee for Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle match at Extreme Rules, nobody had anticipated Daniel Cormier in WWE as special guest referee.

Daniel Cormier called out Brock Lesnar after winning UFC 226 match, Brock Lesnar entered the octagon, they both had heated altercation. But Lesnar retired UFC, so Daniel vs Brock match never happen. But Cormier appearance in WWE, could pave way for his match against Lesnar.

Dave Meltzer on latest Wrestling Observer Radio reported that Cormier originally wanted to do Pro-Wrestling, and also said there’s speculation that Brock Lesnar and Cormier could do their match.

“He’s always wanted to do something (with WWE) so he’s gonna get his chance to do it. I think a lot of people know that originally, he wanted to do pro-wrestling. There’s people who are speculating maybe he and Brock do their match. I don’t know. I think if he wants to do pro-wrestling at this stage of his life, and my gut is that… I don’t know. I don’t think he wants to. I haven’t talked to him about this in so long, years.” (H/T: WrestleTalk.com )

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