July 20, 2024

Report: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were not opposed to a potential WWE sale

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were managing WWE alongside Nick Khan, but after Vince’s return lot of things have changed and we can also expect more changes in WWE. It was previously reported that Stephanie McMahon and Triple opposed for the potential sale of WWE

Dave Meltzer recently on Wrestling Observer Radio reported that Stephanie and Triple H were not opposing the potential sale of WWE.

“From what I am told … you know … Paul and Stephanie…they are not oppose to sale, and they knew that … at some … those Vince’s shares were an albatross and at some point, somebody had to get rid of those shares anyway or Vince would take over … they were not like saying we have to sell … it’s Vince who pretty much made that call because the timing and … maybe, again … maybe he farther along the Saudi deal which is maybe where those rumors came from … and knew the timing and everything like that … because he jumped in, you know, for the sale … it’s not like they are opposed to a sale … it’s not like they champion the sale either … they were, either way [about it].”(H/T: RingSideNews)

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