April 16, 2024

Rhea Ripley believes Dominik Mysterio can get loudest reaction in any company

Dominik Mysterio is one of the top heel in WWE right now, whenever Dominik takes a mic, fans boo him mercilessly. Dominik used to team up with Rey Mysterio, but Rey used to get the limelight most of the times. Dominik’s WWE career completely changed when he turned on his father Rey Mysterio.

Rhea Ripley recently was in “Phil Sturm on Under The Ring” podcast, where he talked about Dominik Mysterio, Rhea believes Dominik is developed into such a huge star that he could get loudest reaction in any company.

“The sky is the limit for Dom, to be completely honest. I know a lot of fans don’t agree and they don’t see much in him, which aggravates them, but they’re very wrong. For Dom, just seeing how much he’s grown over the past few months is so insane. His confidence levels have skyrocketed. He knows exactly what he’s doing going out there. Even when he’s not sure, he still goes out there and absolutely kills it. Hearing the kind of reaction that he gets, especially going from being in a tag team with Rey, and his dad having the limelight and being the superstar in that relationship, to now him going out there and he can go out there by himself and get the loudest reaction in any company. Being out there while he gets boo’d is quite deafening. It’s really cool to hear. I can’t even hear what he’s saying most of the time when he’s talking next to me on a microphone, that’s how loud the crowd can be and I’ve never heard someone get such a reaction so quickly like Dom does. The only time I’ve heard a loud reaction like that is WrestleMania or a PLE. It’s very rare that I hear the crowd get that loud for someone, especially so quickly. He doesn’t even have to say anything. It makes me very proud knowing how much he’s grown. I get emotional every now and again because he’s come so far and it’s cool to be a part of.” (H/T: Fightful)

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