April 18, 2024

Rock likes to face Becky and Seth in a tag team match at WrestleMania 39

Brian Gewirtz launched a new book called ‘here’s Just One Problem’. To promote the book, he had a Instagram live session with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins.

Becky was talking about the experience of reading his new book, out of blue Rock comments on live session proposed a match for WrestleMania 39, Rock wants himself and Brian against Becky and Seth for a tag team match in WrestleMania 39.


Becky Lynch did not see the comment, Brian told Becky about Rock’s comments, she was shocked for a seconds, Seth Rollins and Becky had a laugh, Becky told that she was down for that match.

“I’m down! I’m down!”

There were many reports that Rock could face Roman Reigns in next year’s mania but WWE is yet to release any announcement about the match. Roman Reigns vs Rock’s has been anticipated from a long time.

Becky Lynch is out of action due to injury, it could possibly take couple of months for her to recover from the injury. Becky Lynch was supposed to face Ronda Rousey at 2018 Survivor Series but it did not happen, thanks to Nia Jax for breaking Becky’s nose. They have some twitter battle, maybe in WrestleMania, WWE could try to finish the unfinished business between them.

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