July 21, 2024

Roman Reigns set to make appearance in Smackdown

Roman Reigns is arguably the face of WWE right now. Roman Reigns does not have same schedule, he used to have. Now as per many reports. Roman Reigns is having a schedule similar to that of Brock Lesnar.

Today on Raw, WWE released a promo for this week’s Smackdown, Ronda Rousey is also set to address after her title defeat in the hands of Liv Morgan. Ronda do not have a long list of serious opponent, she spent most of her time fighting Charlotte Flair, since her return. Lets see what Ronda is up to this week and Roman Reigns said to appear in Smackdown after Brock Lesnar attacked him

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar is scheduled for a Last Man Standing Match in SummerSlam, previously as per many reports Randy Orton was favourite to wrestle Roman Reigns in Summerslam, but due Randy Orton back injury which could potentially keep him out of wrestling for rest of this year. So WWE might have brought back Brock Lesnar. As per promo released by WWE, this could potentially be the last match for this rivalry.

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