May 23, 2024

Roman Reigns undefeated title reign could come to an end ?

Roman Reigns is all set to defend his title against Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle. Roman Reigns is Universal Champion for more than 700+ day, nobody in the roster was able take the title away from him.

Wrestlevotes reported that, for first a time after a long time, there is some discussion going on about dropping Roman Reigns’s title(s).

For the first time in a long time, there has been some discussions creatively regarding Roman Reigns dropping the title(s). I’m hearing multiple ideas have intrigued those making the final call come Saturday in Cardiff. Should be an interesting week ahead…

Theory still holds the MITB briefcase and Karrian Kross also made a statement for title shot against Roman Reigns by putting a hour glass in front of him. WWE is known for making last minute changes, If they want Roman to lose one of his title, they might go with these two superstars or might find a surprise way to lose the title. Couple of weeks ago Fightful Select reported that USA network wanted one of the top title to be in Raw, as Roman mostly considered as an Smackdown superstar. Reigns hardly appears on the red brand.

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