June 9, 2024

Some in WWE believe MJF quietly re-signed with AEW

MJF is arguably one of the top wrestler in pro wrestling right now. There were rumours that WWE is interested in signing him once his contract expiries with AEW.

MJF is the longest reigning AEW World Champion, AEW recently on its press release announced the wrestlers who would be present at AEW All In 2024. Shockingly MJF’ name wasn’t in the press release. It paved way for speculation about MJF contract status with AEW.

House Of Wrestling is reporting that their WWE sources believe MJF quietly re-signed with AEW. It also notes there is zero talk between MJF and WWE.

Haus of Wrestling has heard from several WWE sources who believe Friedman has quietly re-signed with AEW. One higher-up WWE source stated that there have been “zero talks” between the two sides. They further noted that the idea Friedman is set to enter free agency imminently is a “false narrative” and that they believe he has re-signed into 2027.

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