April 16, 2024

Triple H talks about Vince’s involvement in Creative in WWE Talent Meeting

WWE held a short Talent Meeting ahead of Jan 13th SmackDown. During the meeting Triple H thanked wrestlers, and talked about for Vince McMahon.

PWInsider is reporting that Triple H thanked WWE Talents, also says Vince return will not have any effect on the current creative team and process.

“HHH thanked the talents for all they do and told them that Vince McMahon’s involvement since returning is to spearhead the search to see if to sell and to who they may sell the company to. Triple H also reiterated that none of this will see any effect on the current creative team or process. Those were the two main points to come out of the meeting we are told.”

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reporting that Triple H did say him and Vince may have conversation regarding creative, but Triple H is the one who will make the final decision.

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