July 19, 2024

Gunther on Stephanie McMahon: “She’s always been very nice and very lovely”

Gunther is one of the most feared wrestler in WWE right now, he just destroys anyone who comes in his way. Gunther will be facing Braun Strowman in this week’s SmackDown.

Gunther recently gave an interview to The Dallas Morning News, where he talked about WWE, Braun Strowman, Stephanie McMahon and more.

Gunther on his relationship with Stephanie McMahon

“To be fair, I only had very brief interactions with her. She’s always been very nice and very lovely. And yeah, I’m happy for her that she’s going to be able now to take time off and enjoy time with her family. And yeah, I think you should be happy for anyone who’s in a position to do that. All the best to her.”

Gunther on facing Braun Strowman

So, that’s gonna be interesting, to be fair, because that’s a completely new challenge for me. I’m used to 99.9% of all the matches I’ve had in my career, I was the bigger guy or I wrestled someone that was, like, evenly sized. In this case, I’ll wrestle someone who’s physically strong and, obviously, heavier and bigger. So, that’s a completely new challenge for me, but I’m excited for it. It’s a new chance for me to prove that I fit in every situation, in every constellation, I can put on an exciting match for the audience. So, I’m looking forward to it. I think Braun is an excellent talent. For his size and his weight, he moves very well. He’s very agile. So, I’m excited for that. Looking forward to it.”

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