June 25, 2024

Who is currently running the WWE after Vince’s return ?

Vince McMahon return caused lot of changes in WWE, Stephanie McMahon resigned from Board and also as the Co-CEO of WWE. Now Nick Khan is the sole CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon was unanimously elected as Executive Chairman.

Fans are concerned about who is running the business, because everybody has their own way of running, it could change storylines and also few wrestlers may even get released.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Nick Khan is running the company as the CEO, and Vince McMahon as the Chairman of WWE is focusing on selling the company.

“Based on those within WWE who have talked with us and other key reporters, Khan is the man running the company in his role as sole CEO. He is right now making all the final decisions. Vince McMahon as Chairman is in an official capacity, only working on selling the company, and they are targeting doing it by the summer, although there is no guarantee it will be sold.

“Vince McMahon’s role would also include being part of the negotiations and making the final decision on the next media rights deals, which would be up at the end of September of 2024. There is also no guarantee either of those things will stay the same. “For now, McMahon has not been to the office nor at television.

“The fear in some places that McMahon will maneuver himself back to running the company or heading creative, and be in charge of hiring and firing is not the case today. That doesn’t mean things won’t change.”

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