June 25, 2024

USA Network reportedly wants Roman Reigns in WWE RAW

Roman Reigns is the face of WWE, but he is primarily considered as a SmackDown superstar even though he holds both WWE Title & WWE Universal Title. There were report previously that USA Network pitched an idea to split Roman’s title so that RAW brand could have an exclusive title.

WWE instead of splitting introduced a new title. At the Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia on May 27 new World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned.

According to latest report from Steve Carrier of RingSideNews, USA Networks wants Roman Reigns in their brand, having a title exclusive is their second choice, The Bloodline remains the first choice for them.

The WWE Draft is coming up, and that will bring big changes. We are told that USA Network wants Roman Reigns over anything else. Having a title belt exclusive to RAW is “second choice” for USA Network. The Bloodline “remains first choice” for them.

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