April 16, 2024

Vickie Guerrero talks about Eddie Guerrero & her WWE career

Vicki Guerrero had a great career in WWE, she performed in all the storyline as Manager, Wrestler & on screen lover to many wrestlers, whenever she says “EXCUSE ME” we would here a loud booing from fans. After her departure from WWE, she is currently working in AEW alongside Nyla Rosa

Vickie Guerrero was in The Art of Wrestling Podcast with Colt Cabana, she talked about Eddie Guerrero & her career in WWE.
“Eddie is always gonna be a part of my past & part of my life, because without his legacies me being able to perform with him in WWE & I didn’t have that start without him & so have being married to him & have my family with him with the girls & how the legacy follow me with they get it the name & I’m very fortunate because I don’t take that lightly & I’m very humbled about it. So when the fans wants to talk about that, I feel good about it.”

She also noted that how fans think, she got the job only because of her late husband Eddie Guerrero.
“People can put a negative twist on it, or you know I can’t believe that they just gave you a job at WWE because you are Eddie Guerrero’s wife. I had to prove myself, a lot of fans don’t see this, If I was shits, Vince McMahon would have said thanks very much, you can go home now, you know that was the reality, but I did love the industry & performance site of it & it was a family, you know working with all my friends, I wasn’t nervous or anything, I just wanted to make them proud as well & show them that I was gonna give 100% of whatever I was doing, whether it was a food fight or making out with a guy or firing someone, I was having a good time.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit The Art of Wrestling Podcast with a h/t to WrestlingManiafan.in for the transcription.

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