May 23, 2024

Watch: ‘Blind’ Dominik Mysterio struggling to walk at WWE Live Event due to the Mist attack by Asuka

Asuka and Rhea Ripley faced off on last week RAW, during the match Dominik tried to help Rhea but Asuka was not happy with that so Asuka spits Blue Mist on Dominik face. Even after medical help Dominik is feeling the effects of Blue Mist.

During the recent house show in Rochester, it is visible that during the Judgement Day entrance Dominik had some trouble walking, The Judgement Day Members guided him into the ring.

Joining The Judgement Day was the best thing to happen for Dominik, since then he has improved his mic and wrestling skills. Judgement Day is lot more entertaining after the inclusion of Dominik.

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