March 2, 2024

What happened with Roman Reigns and LA Knight after WWE Crown Jewel went off air

Roman Reigns and LA Knight had a great match. LA Knight received massive support from the fans. The arena was completely filled with LA Knight chants during their match.

LA Knight was very close to winning the match but Jimmy Uso’s intelligence made LA Knight lose the match. LA Knight was very furious at Jimmy Uso for his interference.

LA Knight instead of focusing on Roman Reigns, he went after Jimmy Uso. Roman Reigns recovered pretty quickly and speared LA Knight through the barricade while LA Knight was attacking Jimmy Uso.

At the end Roman Reigns retains the title. Some fans think it’s a good ending while others think LA Knight should have been the guy who should have dethroned Roman Reigns.

This match might be last match of Roman Reigns in 2023. Roman Reigns reportedly not scheduled for Survivor Series, so the next possible match Roman Reigns could wrestle is at WWE Royal Rumble 2024.

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