July 20, 2024

WWE is reportedly worried about Randy Orton’s injury

Randy Orton is arguably one of the greatest to ever step foot in the ring. Randy Orton has completed 20+ years in WWE, has had all types of injury in his career.

Randy Orton and Riddle faced Usos to unify tag team title at Smackdown on May 20. Some work had to be done on Randy, so that he could compete in the match. But his back got worsen after the match, on 27 May episode of Smackdown WWE reported that Randy was undergoing consultation from neuro surgeons and orthopedic.

Randy Orton had issues with his back from last couple of years, but now it is not getting better. On the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that “There is a lot of concern regarding Orton’s back injury and its severity“.

There were reports that WWE was planning for Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, but because of Randy Orton’s injury Brock Lesnar had to step in.

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