March 2, 2024

WWE reportedly has plans for Roman Reigns versus CM Punk, but it’s not anytime soon.

Roman Reigns is the face of WWE, he is Undisputed WWE Universal Champion for over 1000 days. Roman Reign is taking some time off from WWE, he’s expected to return to WWE soon.

CM Punk recently made his return back to WWE. Fans are absolutely delighted to see CM Punk in WWE. CM Punk cuts a promo on RAW, he used the words WISE MAN in his promo. Paul Heyman is called as WISE MAN in WWE. It is still unknown whether CM Punk was referring to Heyman or not.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that WWE has plans for Roman Reigns versus CM Punk. Meltzer also notes that it will take a lot of time before we get to Roman vs Punk.

“The reality is that Reigns vs. Punk would be the biggest match they could do.”

“The plan is to take a lot of time before getting there. The feeling right now is that will be gigantic at the time they choose to get there. Whether it results in Heyman leaving Reigns for Punk and Punk going heel and Reigns face, which was the speculation we got, there are multiple different ways to approach that.”

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