March 2, 2024

Dana White says Vince McMahon is the Michael Jordan of the Business World

Vince McMahon and Dana White are two personalities who built billion dollar companies on their respective niche. UFC had lots of obstacles from the beginning but Dana made it through the obstacles. UFC is now a global company, it is viewed all over the world and has rapidly increasing it’s fanbase.

Vince McMahon is one of the major reason for WWE’s success. He brought this company from his father, there were lots of competition but Vince loves competition. Even after multiple decades WWE is still the top sports entertainment company in the world.

Dana White recently was interviewed by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated where he talked Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and more.

“My history with Vince isn’t a good one. He tried to f— me so many times for no reason whatsoever except just to f— me. But that’s in the past. Now that Vince and I are allies, no one’s been a better partner than Vince.”

“Since day one of the deal, it’s like I’m dealing with a different guy. It goes to show that when you oppose him, or he thinks you are opposing him, the guy comes after you blindly. Once you are aligned, Vince is an incredible partner.”

“Triple H and Stephanie have always been great to work with. I’ve always had a great relationship with them, always, even when we weren’t aligned back in the day. But the most amazing story is the relationship with Vince McMahon.”

“Vince McMahon, man, he’s an absolute savage. Even with the stuff that went down with us in the past, I respect it. I love killers. He’s definitely a killer. He’s the Michael Jordan of the business world.”

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