May 22, 2024

Drew McIntyre on his future in WWE: “I don’t plan to be anywhere else.”

Drew McIntyre is a prominent star in WWE. He has won championships, Royal Rumble and more. Drew McIntyre carried the company during the Thunderdome era.

Drew McIntyre took some time off from WWE after WrestleMania 39, ever since then there were rumour started that Drew McIntyre might now renew his contract with WWE. There were reports that Drew and WWE are far apart from signing a new deal.

Drew McIntyre recently was interviewed by Hindustan Times, where he talked about WWE, acting roles, Superstar spectacle and more.

Drew McIntyre on his future in WWE

“I mean, I keep reading the internet myself. I just saw something earlier. The internet keeps talking about my future, I guess. But my focus is on the here and now, like, I don’t look to the future, I don’t look to the past, I look to the present.

And my job right now is just making sure we give everybody in Hyderabad the best show possible and I’ll continue to give the best performance I can give at every show and I can see I don’t plan to be anywhere else. That’s as much as I can give.”

Drew McIntyre on possibilities of acting in Bollywood

“I mean if the opportunity arises, I’m always going to explore it (a future in Bollywood). I’m just hearing now, the commercials with John Abraham winning a bunch of awards. I never knew but they were just telling me now. It’s been winning a lot of awards. It was so much fun to film those commercials, and the process was fun to see.

The result was incredible. And I just had the opportunity to work in a movie in Budapest recently. I can’t give too many details but keep your eyes out and it’ll be coming soon. And you never know what the future holds for Drew in Bollywood, but I’m open to everything.”

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