March 2, 2024

MJF feels 2023 has been a challenging year both physically and mentally

MJF is one of the top star of AEW, and also the AEW World Champion. He has impressed everybody with his mic and promo skills. Whenever he’s in the ring he never fails to entertain the fans.

MJF has openly talked about dealing with Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. MJF is not only a star in the ring, he is also using social media platforms to promote awareness on RJD

MJF took X/Twitter to tell fans how challenging 2023 was for him. MJF also says he’s excited for the future

This will feel random but I just wanted to say I’ve been doing this since I was 18 and there were times I questioned if I belonged or if I was good enough to be involved in something I hold at such a high regard.

2023 has been a year that has challenged me more physically and emotionally then any year of my life. One day I’ll tell everyone what stuff went down in my personal life….

But it’s also been the most amazing year as well. I can say confidently I’ve never loved this sport more.

I’m excited for the present and the future.

I wanted to thank everyone who ever told me I was great.

And everyone whoever told me I wasn’t good enough.

It all drives me to reach for my ultimate goal of going down as one of the greats.

Thanks for following my career.

Thanks for loving something I cherish and hold dearly.

Thank you Poors.

Thank you Pro wrestling.

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