May 23, 2024

Nick Aldis believes WWE WrestleMania will happen in London someday

Nick Aldis is one of the greatest NWA World Champion, his NWA Championship reign was over 1000 days. Nick Aldis is currently working with WWE as SmackDown’s General Manager.

John Cena during his appearance at MITB 2023 in London told to fans that London deserves WrestleMania. Since then London fans are speculating about WrestleMania in London.

Nick Aldis recently was interviewed by Alex McCarthy of, where he talked about Triple H, NWA, Roman Reigns, and more.

Nick Aldis on possibility of WrestleMania in London

“I watched Money in the Bank. I particularly remember John Cena coming out and saying that we needed a WrestleMania to take place in London. And I will say this, if that if that were to happen – which it will, I’m very confident of that. I don’t have any intel on it, but you don’t say something like that without there being intention.”

“If that were to happen, I would certainly do everything I could to be a good fit for that show. It all comes down to timing and opportunity and what the what the fans want to see if and if the fans want to see it.”

“The opportunity is there and it’s good for business. Never say never.”

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