May 22, 2024

Possible reason for Stephanie McMahon’s “leave of absence”

Stephanie McMahon took twitter last night to announce her leave of absense to WWE universe. It was complete shock to everyone. She is taking leave from majority of her responsibility, now she wants to take care of her family.

On the latest episode of The Flagship podcast. Rich Kraetsch noted that Triple H health issue might have played a important role in Stephanie McMahon’s leave of absence.

“we know nothing right now, we know that she is taking leave of absense, Nick Khan is taking her duty, that’s what we know for a fact. we have for some people say that they have talked to WWE PR & I mean have they been informed do they know, I don’t know exactly”.

“Hunters health according to this person said very much a role in this happening. Yes, but I don’t know if that person wants that fully fully out there just yet so, than again if this people know, if the person I did talk to, it’s not a secret source, it would be probably out in time. But this person reached out to WWE PR & WWE PR told them that yeah Hunters health is a part of the reason why this happen. And again that means, she just kind of looked at it wait a minute, my husband, why I’m not spending time with him & my family, instead of doing this $HIT. don’t read into that Triple H got days to live, when health plays a factor that doesn’t mean he is on his literal death bed. than again who knows, her looking at her husband, all the sources have been saying, you know what, it is time for me to do this. Who knows, who knows what could possibly be exactly the reason for this”.

Stephanie McMahon played a major role in Women evolution in WWE, She played a huge hand in making WrestleMania 35 main event.

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